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regardless of how you interpret the soviet famines of 1931-33, it was utterly devastating in terms of human loss. the best estimates put it at 5.5-6.5 million. to put that into perspective of the 20th century, it was second only to the later famine in china after 1958. still i see it wheeled out flippantly by all types of people with a callous disregard for the amount of human suffering that happened in this period. i’ve even seen so-called marxists laugh at the descendents of ukrainians who suffered during the famine for taking a national interpretation of events (that has been pushed by the diaspora) and who see it as a stumbling block for their interpretation of the soviet union and socialism as a whole. it’s disgusting.

“Your Body is a Punishment”

Julian Zigerli F/W 2014 Menswear

champagne for breakfast | jennifer pugh by kimberley gordon for fete champetre ss 14

Gloria Richardson pushes a national guard bayonet out of her face during a 1963 civil rights protest in Maryland.

Black Rock, Trinidad & Tobago 1998 by David Alan Harvey

Hieronymus Bosch. Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights, 15th Century.
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